Automate your onboarding process with Nigel Slackbot

Nigel is here to automate and help with your onboarding process. He sends onboarding messages to your newcomers and saves (not only) your HR department time.

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How does it work?

Automate your onboarding with ease! Nigel is an onboarding chatbot for Slack.

1. Contact us

Contact us and we will get back to you in up to 24 hours. We will send you all the necessary information and help you set up Nigel for you. If you want to implement custom features, we can do it too.

2. Create your onboarding

In the mean time you can set up your onboarding process in Airtable. Airtable is your onboarding database with all the messages or Q&As. You can do it on your own, import our skeleton or contact us for help. The manual is available in the installation guide.

3. Connect Nigel with Slack

After the technical stuff is done, you can pair Nigel with your Slack workspace. All the information about the installation will be available in your email or in the installation guide.

4. Start using it in a few hours

All the technical set-up will take no longer than one working day! Then it is up to you how long it will take you to create the onboarding messages and the rest of the set-up. After that you can start onboarding your newcomers or customers. Do you have any questions? Look at the FAQ or contact us for more details!


Nigel is a simple slackbot that will help you with employee or customer onboarding. Look at what he can do for you.

Simple administration with Airtable

It's more friendly than Excel or Google Sheets. It's completely free for our use case and no technical knowledge is needed. Follow our installation guide to get to know how to set it up. Airtable supports integrations so it's easy to create custom administration with low-code/no-code platforms.

Personalized and common onboarding

Onboard teams or job titles separately with personalized onboarding messages. You can also send general onboarding messages to all of your newcomers. You can set it up in administration or use Nigel to create the structure and generate it for you*. Follow our installation guide.

* Feature will be released soon.
Collect feedback and chat with Nigel

Nigel can answer questions about your company (for example who is CEO, when is the payday and so on). The conversation is driven by ChatGPT. Nigel can also collect feedback from your newcomers.

Save your time

Nigel saves not only your HRs time but also time of your team leaders, managers, buddies, sales and newcomers. You can set up the exact time when each of the onboarding messages will be sent.

Use cases

Nigel is not just about onboarding. It can be used for many use cases. Let's take a look at how you can use it.

Employee or customer onboarding

Do you work remotely or have a team / clients in different parts of the world? Make it easier for all the participants and start with full remote onboarding.

Community management

Take care of your members. Onboard them, offboard them, configure general FAQ and keep them up to date, about all of your events and news.

Employee or member offboarding

It is not just about onboarding but offboarding too. Let your members leave your company or community without any issues and help them to not forget to do the necessary stuff before they leave.

Career path changes

What if one your developers become a team lead or head of dev? It is completely new position. You can plan an onboarding which is based on job titles or roles with Nigel. Does not matter if the member is new in the workspace or not.

People care - FAQ

Sometimes we are afraid to ask some questions or forget the answer. Let people stay informed with FAQ which you can easily set up. Nigel uses ChatGPT to drive the conversation*.

* ChatGPT feature is available in the Professional plan.
Virtual assistant

You can use the full potential of AI. Nigel uses ChatGPT not only for FAQ*. If you combine it with periodical delivering of news for example, it can be much more than an onboarding tool.

* ChatGPT feature is available in the Professional plan.

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  • Unlimited onboarding messages
  • Unlimited FAQ conversations
  • ChatGPT driven FAQ conversations *
  • Unlimited onboardings
  • Possibility of custom features
  • Slack app access
  • Self-managed
  • Full support
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  • * Feature in progress. Will be introduced soon.

Frequently asked questions

Answers to the most common questions.

How can I create my onboarding process?

Use our installation guide to successfully set up your onboarding process and Nigel bot. Please make sure you followed all the steps written in the installation guide.

Do you have hidden fees?

No, our pricing is completely transparent (see the pricing section). Only the Enterprise solution has its own rules, but you will receive more information about it after you contact us with your Enterprise solution interest.

What is your refund policy?

You can fully refund the service within 7 days after your registration. If you would like a refund at a later date, please contact us by email with your reasons. We deal with each case individually.

Do you have a documentation about using Nigel?

Yes. Here it is: installation guide.

How often are the onboarding messages sent?

The onboarding messages are sent automatically every hour. But we can customize it for you.

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